Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventures In Nail Art: Dotting Tool

I recently purchased a nail dotting tool from Amazon and finally had the opportunity to play with it. I received 5 double sided tools for around $5. For quite a while, my nail polish supply was extremely low, so I did not have a chance to do my nails with them. The tool is pretty easy to use, but seeing as I am not ambidextrous, my right hand doesn't show that (I'm working on it). The only problem I had at first was figuring out the perfect amount of polish to put on the end of the tool. Other than that, I had decent polka dotted nails in no time! I am looking forward to trying more designs when I get more nail polish because I know you can do more than just polka dots. For example, you can get straighter lines and I personally think it will be useful when I do my signature smiley face nails. I believe dotting tools are extremely useful and I am glad that I made the investment.

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