Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures In Nail Art: Nail Stickers

Last year,I really enjoyed using nail stickers. I got cool, vibrant, and detailed designs on my nails that lasted for about 2 weeks and they only took 5 minutes to apply! I would just have to peel them off and apply them to my nails and remove the excess from around my cuticles. The process was extremely simple. I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects which are around $9-10 if I remember correctly. It comes with the 16 stickers, a cuticle stick, a buffer, and a nail file. The instructions were very detailed and simple to follow. Unfortunately, I had to stop using them because I felt like they were destroying my nails. After I would take the stickers off, the texture of my nails would be rougher and messed up for about a week. It appeared as though the top layer of my nail was being removed by the stickers. Even though I had a beautiful manicure for 2 weeks, I don't think the condition of my nails after I removed them was worth the investment. I like to be able to switch nail designs quickly, so I didn't like taking the time to try to repair them in between manicures. I would just work with using regular nail polish instead. Stamps are a great way to get detailed manicures without the hard work as an alternative!

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  1. Divertidas manicuras!!

  2. I love the fisrt design, lot of colors!!!
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  7. Great review, I've never used stamps so I will look in to this!
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