Monday, April 8, 2013

I Love Baking: Fondant Cakes

I am really into baking and take pride in the fact that I can decorate a decent looking cake. The first fondant covered cake I ever made was for my dad's birthday. I made these elegant black swirls and added pre-made red royal icing roses. After that, I was inspired to make another fondant cake for my cousin while he visited. This time I was looking to make tree branches that had little blossoming flowers all over. I love the smooth appearance that the fondant provides for my cakes, but the flavor and texture of it is something that I'm not that fond of. The next time I make a fondant covered cake, I will try to make marshmallow fondant instead. I know that  marshmallow fondant tastes much better. Either way, I am still extremely proud of these cakes, and look forward to making more!

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