Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knuckle Clutches: Fashion That Is Deadly

My birthday just recently passed this March (I feel old guys) and as a gift I received a knuckle clutch! I've been raving about how much I've wanted one since Christmas to my friends. Alexander McQueen was the first to come out with these awesome clutches, having the knuckles bejeweled to look like gorgeous rings. I didn't really expect someone to get me one, it was more of an item that was on my wishlist that I'd purchase when I had the chance. Imagine my excitement when I heard a knock on my door and opened it to find a little package from China. I examined the package closer and saw that it said, "Purse content: handle with care." As soon as I read that I knew it was a knuckle clutch!

After I got over my initial excitement, I opened the package to find that I had to put the clutch together myself with no instructions. I fumbled with the clutch for a good thirty minutes only to have my older brother come over and put it together easily within a couple minutes (*sigh*). Now that my clutch is assembled, I feel so fashionable! 

As amazing as I think the clutch is, I also realize that my clutch could possibly cause some kind of trouble.  Even though it is a simple accessory, there is a controversy of it being similar to a weapon. At first I didn't even think about it potentially being seen as dangerous, and was only really introduced to this thought when my brother told me. The handle of the bag is similar to brass knuckles. I have to be careful where I bring this clutch. I already know that if I wanted to travel by air, it wouldn't be wise to bring the bag because it could be misinterpreted. I personally don't think it would be wise to carry the bag to clubs either. I'll probably only be using it when I go to private formal events as a contrast to a nice feminine outfit. I myself see the bag as a harmless fashion statement because it is just an accessory. Either way, I am excited for when I will have an opportunity to wear it with an outfit (Someone give me an event to go to)! Until then, I will just admire it as it sits on my desk untouched.

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