Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liquid Eyeliner

I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliner! I have experimented with a lot of the different liquid liners that are on the market, especially the kind that has the brush (which I admit is the trickiest). I've learned that if you dot along your lash line, then connect it all together, you end up with a pretty perfectly lined eye. As someone who completely had to learn about makeup on their own (my mother refuses to wear any), I really struggled with applying eyeliner. By accident, I bought liquid eyeliner and since then, I've been addicted. I love how bold it looks and the way it appears against my skin. Whenever I wear waterproof pencil eyeliner, it fades within a couple of hours. It also doesn't help that I have the worst allergies and they cause my eyes to constantly water. Liquid eyeliner is my savior! I've been using NYX Collection Noir Black liquid liner forever. It stays put for almost the whole day and I don't have to reapply it!
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