Saturday, April 6, 2013

Would you wear it?

Would you wear it?

Would you wear it? by l3xiluthor featuring beanie hats
I was challenged to make a set based on an outrageous piece of fashion. I thought these platform sneakers were ridiculous because they took platforms to a whole new level. I think because of my height, and the fact that I have short friends, heels that are too high scare me. I hate feeling like the jolly green giant when I stand next to people. I paired these sneakers with leather shorts, knee high socks, and a beanie embellished with hardware. I went with giant, obnoxious accessories just to make the ensemble more wild.

Illustrated people
$69 -

Knee length socks

Forever 21 short shorts

Buffalo platform shoes

Rucksack bag

Nickel free jewelry
$46 -

Chunky necklace

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