Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artificial Sweetener Review

I recently received some eye shadow samples from a place called Artificial Sweetener located in Australia. They're goal is to create color combinations that will inspire you to make colorful looks, and that's exactly what I did! I felt like Nicki Minaj or a candy/fairy princess with the look I created. You can check Artificial Sweetener out here:

Review: I love love love the colors that Artificial Sweetener offers. I received this turquoise and pink that were dynamic  Everything is very daring and it's scary at first, but once you put it on, you fall in love with them. I had never worn such bold eye shadow colors before, but now I'm definitely hooked! The packaging that the eye shadow actually comes in is adorable. They come in these cute little square compacts that differ depending on the palette you buy. I personally think that the packaging for the chocolate palette is the cutest. Application is the same as any eye shadow, it's simple as long as you have brushes. The only slight downfall is that I had to pack the eye shadow on to make it as vibrant as I wanted, which I don't mind that much because that means you can create even more looks by changing how much you apply.

Overall, I would tell everyone to purchase Artificial Sweetener eye shadows because who doesn't want to be daring and bold?! The prices are fair and the packaging is some of the most adorable that I've seen. If you're looking to spice up your makeup with fun colors, Artificial Sweetener is the place for you!

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