Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Wanna Be Your Girl

Just Wanna Be Your Girl

I wanted to try something a little different and make an outfit based on a song. Lately I've been listening to this remix of Just Wanna Be Your Girl by Esta, and as I listened to the lyrics, I started to imagine the girl who was singing this song.

 I feel like she's the neighborhood girl who suddenly becomes shy when she sees the guy she has a crush on as she hangs out in her yard. She wears giant door knockers with big curls that she tries to tame under a snapback. Sitting on her front steps in her sneakers watching as the guy of her dreams passes in front of her with his friends. "Wonder if you even notice me" are her thoughts as he slips out of sight, thinking of what could be between them. I loved the idea of her wearing ripped shorts and a bold crop top in the summer. The chained jewelry completes her simple and urban style.

Black and white top
$18 -

High waisted shorts
$66 -

Vintage jewelry

Vegan jewelry
$2.31 -

Chunky necklace

Black snapback hat

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  1. I love that b&w shirt!!!

    come and check out new postst on LittleMiss Twiggy...

  2. Love the cap !