Saturday, May 11, 2013

MarieNatie Cosmetics Review

I recently obtained lip gloss and 2 loose mineral eye shadows from MarieNatie Cosmetics. MarieNatie was founded by  Marie, a woman who wanted to create an all natural makeup line that wouldn't make her think twice about what she is putting on her skin. I was initially interested in their products because they are all natural, and I have sensitive skin. I'm always so careful about the makeup that I use because I don't want to have any unnecessary breakouts. You can check out the store here:

Lip Gloss:

The lip gloss I received is the color Tahitian Sunset. It's $18, and is all natural, utilizing ingredients such as pomegranate oil, jojoba oil, and grapefruit seed oil. Let me start off by saying it was the best smelling lip gloss I've had in a long time. My little brother said the scent reminded him of caramel. It's extremely moisturizing and easily lasts over 4 hours. I am obsessed with how moisturizing Maybelline's Baby Lips is, but this definitely has it beat. I have not had chapped lips since I started using it and it also does not leave that icky sticky feeling on your lips that most do. The color is sheer and more shimmery, but this could also be because I have darker lips. 

Either way, I am 100% satisfied with this product and I strongly would recommend buying it! You can check it out here: MarieNatie Lip Gloss

Loose Mineral Eyeshadow:

The loose mineral eyeshadow is an all natural shadow that is supposed to glide on easily and be long lasting. I received two colors, Chocolate and Rose. I was immediately excited about the chocolate color because I tend to wear more natural looking makeup, and I wasn't sure how the Rose would appear against my skin tone. Surprisingly, they both look really nice!

Accidentally deleted the photos of me wearing them T-T
It was easy to glide on and lasted for a long time. I was also surprised at how vibrant the color appeared without using a sealant. My only complaint would be that they're messy, but I guess that is something to be expected when using mineral makeup. You can check it out here: Loose Mineral Eye Shadow

I love the idea behind this company and the fact that they are all natural! The packaging is really nice and seems like it's on par with the big makeup companies such as Covergirl and L'oreal, most likely because Marie's family has a background of cosmetics packaging. Honestly, I really believe that this makeup is worth the money. It runs a little higher than drug store prices, but you also have to keep in mind that they are using all natural products. As I stated before, it's long lasting, and it does exactly what it claims to do. MarieNatie Cosmetics is definitely a shop that should be kept in mind when shopping for makeup.

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  5. This collection looks lovely, the brand concept is really nice too! Loving the lip gloss, really suits you!

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  10. They seem cool and they suit with your complexion!