Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventures In Nail Art: Bunny Tutorial

Today I was bored before work, so I decided to do my nails with the limited supply of polish that I have right now. I thought bunnies would be perfect because they require a small amount of colors and they're not as difficult as you might think! Nail art is really about adding a bunch of simple shapes together to create a more complex work of art.

What You Need:

Black, pink, white, and top coat
Dotting tools or toothpicks
Nail Polish Remover and q-tips
What To Do:
First you need wipe your nails with nail polish remover so that there isn't any oil on your nails (this helps the polish stick better). Paint white half circles on the tips of your nails; I did about 3. Don't worry about it being perfect because that will be fixed later.

Next, take the largest dotting tool you have, and paint thick white lines to make the ears.

Take the second largest dotting tool, and paint pink lines inside of the ears.

Take the third largest dotting tool, and make one black dot underneath each ear. Then take the smallest dotting tool and make a little dot near the tip for the nose.

Next, using the second smallest dotting tool, create a pink dot on the outer side of each eye to create blush

You then take the second smallest dotting tool and create a white dot in the corner of each eye to create the light reflecting in the eyes.

We're almost finished! Add 2 layers of top coat.

Then wipe the edges clean using your nail polish remover and q-tips. You now have adorable bunnies on your fingers!

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  1. cool tutorial...
    Stop by Little Miss Twiggy fora bit of inspiration...

  2. oh wooww. the efect is amazing.

    + you have really interesting blog. do you want to follow each other?

  3. awww the bunnies look so lovely!!!


  4. this is adorable - the sort of thing I'd ruin with in minutes though.
    would be perfect at easter time!

  5. Wow those are pretty amazing!