Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Light Cosmetics Review

First Light Cosmetics is a company based in the UK that makes mineral cosmetics that are lightweight, suitable for sensitive skin types, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, have SPF protection, let your skin breathe, and have no expiration date. They make a variety of  gorgeous natural cosmetics ranging from foundation to lipstick and carry a variety of brushes as well. They sent me 3 lipsticks, some blush samples, and a lip brush. You can find all of their products here:

The lip brush has very nice all natural hairs and the handle is sturdy and rounded, which makes it comfortable to hold. They're made to work well with mineral cosmetics. You can find the lip brush and more here:

The lipstick came in this nice sturdy and sleek black tube that had their logo printed on it.The 3 colors I received are Daybreak, Dusk, and Dazzle. The colors are easy to apply and the lip brush helps you apply the lipstick in a more even manner. The colors all have this shimmer quality, which is to be expected with a mineral line. I found them to be really smooth and long lasting as well. The first color I tried was too light for my liking, but I am absolutely in love with the other two colors I received! The lipsticks are available here:




I received 4 different colors of blush. They are Sirocco, Kohilo, Sundowner, and Levanto. These colors are bright, bold, and beautiful! I am in love with this blush. I've never had a blush that is this bold before. It's a little messy because it is full of minerals, but it's extremely easy to apply, and it stays put! Sirocco is a more natural looking color for my skin tone, and has more of a shimmering quality. The other three are bolder colors. You can find the blush here:

From Left to Right: Sirocco, Kohilo, Sundowner, Levanto
All in all, First Light Cosmetics is a great place to buy mineral makeup. From what I've tested, their products are true to what they say. My sensitive skin has not broken out and they really do feel weightless and silky when applied. I can tell by looking at the blush that the minerals are very finely ground. First Light Cosmetics is a great place to buy quality mineral makeup! Be sure to check them out here:

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  1. oh ive never heard of this company before - always great finding new products x

  2. wow - the lip colours all look really unique. Looks like they're definitely worth a try!

  3. I love the colour of the Dusk lipstick,very sweet colour perfect for everyday wear.I havent come across these products before but I love the sound of them,natural,light weight,no expirey date? thats good plus I have sensitive skin,I'll stop by their site after this.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment,hope you have a fab day :)

  4. cool shades!

    Following you now on Bloglovin! :) Hope you follow me back. :))

  5. dusk looks amazing on you!

  6. I love all the colors!
    I'm a new follower to your blog, check mine out too? :)

  7. Oh wow I love the colour of the Dusk lipstick.