Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Is Beautiful

I love the lace/ crochet short trend! I have quite a few of them now and I love how they are so feminine and delicate. I found this particular pair at my job for $5.99, so I had to pick them up. These shorts combine both lace and crochet in a really nice way. I wore my black crop top that is open in the back because I felt like it toughened the shorts up a little bit, but it's not too overwhelming. I then wore my nude ballet flats with gold hardware on them! This outfit is so feminine and fun! I accessorized with my gold bangles and bracelets. This is definitely one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn in a while~

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  1. Mais ton anglais est parfait ! Tu es de Paris ?

    1. Non, je suis de Florida! Je prenais francais en ecole pour quatre ans.

  2. I love those shorts! Super cute! And what a bargain!