Friday, June 28, 2013

Red Herring

I found this awesome black and white striped hi-low top at my job for $2.99 and felt like it'd go perfectly with my red pants from Old Navy. I bought these pants when I was in 9th grade (that's about 5 years ago), and I haven't worn them in ages. I felt like this shirt would make me take them out of my closet once again. I thought it'd be fun to roll up the bottom of my pants since it's so hot now. My skull loafers felt like the perfect shoes to wear with this outfit because of the color palette. I added some bangles and my Hello Kitty watch to complete the look. 

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  1. i really like this outfit, its so cute!

  2. I love your pants! And your shoes, really good!
    Ah! As GFC is shutting down, could you follow me on Bloglovin? Thanks a lot, and xoxo!
    Las Tendencias No Acaban!

  3. This outfit is so adorable and classic!
    I like your blog! Maybe we could follow each other! (:
    xoxo Toma