Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It really grinds my gears when my little brother takes all of my photos knowing they don't look right, and doesn't tell me that the camera settings need to be changed. This isn't the first time he's done this >.> I took these pictures expecting them to look a certain way, but after adding them to my laptop, I noticed all of the sun rays.  Most of the pictures are completely unusable -___- Anyways, I'm wearing a strapless peplum top with genius color blocking that enhances your bust. This top is perfect for small people like me because it allows your bust to look a little fuller. I paired the top with some skinny black slacks and some peep toe heels from Forever21. This look is named with the song Embody by Sebastian in mind.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Candy Crush

I won~
Lazy Moon pizza

I took a day trip to Orlando with my friend Ellie to visit my best friend An, and I pretty much planned my day around the food that I wanted to eat. I made sure I wrote down all the places I wanted to eat at a couple of days ahead of time, and soon realized that the majority of them are dessert places. I guess when I lived on campus, I survived off of sweets, which explains why I gained the Freshman 15. I made sure to hit up a couple of new places that everyone was raving about! After eating we loitered around Ikea, then ended the day with bowling. It was my first time, and by the third match, I was victorious! It's only 10pm, and I'm exhausted, but it was definitely worth the trip.

I wore a shirt with studded crosses, striped high waist shorts with side zippers, my skull loafers, and an awesome necklace from SincerelyMe2. They have really nice jewelry that's affordable for everyone~ You can check out their other pieces here:

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I found these really cool floral shorts at my job for $6.99. What I really liked about them is the fact that they actually fit me correctly! I always have trouble trying to buy high waisted bottoms because my waist is so small. These are the first pair that have fit me perfectly! I wore a crop top, and oversized blazer with the shorts. I thought the blazer would cover me up a little because the shorts are so short. I added this geometrical statement necklace from Forever21. I  hope my job gets more shorts that are cut the same as these! This look is named after the song Latch by Disclosure~

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Não é Nada

I wanted to take some jumping pictures today, but I immediately realized I'm out of shape and it's super tiring. It only took 3 attempts before I gave up. The heat is insane, and I wasn't in the mood to sweat :P I think winter is a better time for me to attempt doing this again. Anyways, I wore this beautiful peach colored button up with with white sleeves. I feel like the color blocking in this shirt is brilliant and I love how the buttons are hidden. I then added some polka dot jean shorts, and simple black crocheted flats. Its a really simple and fun outfit for summer. Não é Nada is a song that my little brother added to my ipod a couple of weeks ago, and now I can't stop listening.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Broke As

I've finally invested in some crop tops. I saw them on Forever21 for around $5, so I broke down and bought them, and I absolutely love them! Since I'm wearing my first official crop top, I decided to be bold and wear high waisted leggings and a statement necklace. This whole outfit is a result of my recent Forever21 shopping spree. These bold leggings are definitely attention seeking! I wore plain leather sneakers so that the rest of the look would stand out on it's own. I named this look Broke As after a song by Ta-ku. The leggings remind me of a Baroque style, and that made me think of the song.

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