Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cross My Heart

I have so many clothes that it's starting to look like a bomb exploded in my room again. I bought this skirt at my job because I love maxi skirts, and I thought that the color and the side slit made this one much more exciting. The only thing I can't stand about the skirt is the fact that the slip leaves unsightly bulges, so I'm probably going to cut it out before I wear it again. I have yet to find a crop top at a price that I'm willing to pay, so I always tie my tank tops and t-shirts instead. It's a simple way to customize the fit of your crop top. I wore my creepers with the look because the colors were so similar, and I haven't worn them in a while. I do wish they were black, but the maroon color works as well. I definitely need to take the time to sort through all the new clothes that I've recently bought so that my room can be clean once again~

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  1. great outfit!!!!
    love the skirt...

  2. wow amazing ! love the look!

    Wanna follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin!?
    Let me know if you follow & i´ll follow back :-)

    Many greetings <3

  3. nice casual look! i think its very good for summer

  4. I think I'm in love with your style of dressing. It's like everything you put on looks great on you.

    The skirt is very cute, PERFECT for summer!