Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love Me, Hate The Game

I recently went on a shopping spree at my store, and I walked away with so many goodies! This whole outfit, minus the necklace come from DDs Discounts. I'm really cheap, and I love all the deals that I can find at DDs. It doesn't hurt that I get an employee discount either! These shorts were $10.99, the shirt $9.99, and the shoes $9.99 as well. This was all without the discount applied! You can imagine how happy my wallet was after I saw how much I saved with the discount!~

I really like how these shorts are high waisted and bright red! They're the perfect item to make a person stand out in a crowd. I'm really into button ups recently, and the fact that there are cheetahs on the sleeves makes this shirt that much better. I was also surprised that the sleeves are actually long enough on me. I usually have to buy shirts a size bigger just to accommodate the fact that I have long arms. I wore my skull loafers with the outfit because I felt like they wouldn't take away from the rest of the look!

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  1. Trendy and chic, wonderful outfit! :)


  2. Love the top!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. lovely outfit... you look great in red...