Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4nOne Curling Wand Review

I recently invested in a curling wand because I've heard so many good reviews about them in comparison to regular curling irons. It arrived the same day I had my hair dyed, so I set it aside to use at a later time. That later time was today, and I absolutely love my curling wand~

I purchased the wand on Amazon, for $35 and it was eligible for Prime, so that means free 2 day shipping! I chose this particular wand because it comes with four different sized heads so you can customize your curls. I also loved this model because it is tourmaline ceramic, which is the same as my flat iron, and it heats up to 430 degrees. I like that it can go to such a high temperature because my hair never wants to hold an unnatural curl.

When you open the box, it unveils the wand with a head already attached, and three other ones in holders. Underneath this is the warranty, a heat resistant glove, and instructions. 

My curls are amazing! All I had to do was take little sections, and twirl them around the wand for 20 seconds, then release. I got these beautiful spiral curls that actually hold! It's been 3 hours since I've done my hair, and the curls still haven't fallen. I'm seriously impressed with this product because I have never had curls that actually last! I didn't use any products, and they came out beautifully. The only issue I have with this particular wand is that I have a difficult time switching out the heads, but it could also be because I have very little upper body strength. Other than that slight issue, I'm satisfied!

When I finally decided to curl my hair, I was inspired to take pictures with bubblegum because I've been obsessed with this song as of late:

Here's a few more of the photos I took:

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  1. I love the pictures and your bubble is big, looks fun to pop.