Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three's Company

One of my favorite t.v. shows is Three's Company, and when I saw this dress, it reminded me of something that Chrissy might wear. This is another item from Midnight Marauders. I think my taste in shoes corresponds with the 70s/90s the most because I love platform shoes! Show me something big and chunky, and I'll probably want them. When I saw these particular ones, I knew I needed to have them in my possession because of the clear heel. I purchased them during my recent PLNDR shopping spree, and I believe they were $26. I'm going to try to wear these heels as often as possible. The heel is really thick, which makes it easy to strut around in them, and they're just really cool looking in my opinion. I completed the look by wearing a thin headband across my forehead, and parting my hair down the middle.

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1 comment:

  1. great shoes!!!