Monday, September 30, 2013

Sail Away

This outfit is the result of me searching around DDs Discounts for approximately 5 minutes! I timed myself to see if I could find something cute and cheap really quickly. I picked this sweater because I love the stripes and the sequin anchor, and it doesn't hurt that it was only $3.99! I feel like it's a perfect transition piece for Fall. In Florida, the seasons don't really change, so we're still dealing with pretty hot weather, but this sweater is both light weight enough to wear in this heat, and warm enough to layer under a jacket when it finally decides to cool off. I also thought that the stripes would work perfectly with these striped calf socks I found last week for $2.99. I found these cute white shorts with scalloped edges for $5.99 after quickly glancing through the bottoms. They're simple, but the lace scallop makes them adorable! To complete the look, I wore my combat boots. I'm starting to love how worn in they look because I feel like combats are meant to look a little more rugged than other boots. While taking pictures, I decided to see how flexible I am, and soon discovered that I should probably stretch a little bit more. Anyways, what do you think of the results of my 5 minute shopping challenge?

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