Monday, October 7, 2013


I love stripes way too much, and I've been wanting to do a stripes on stripes look for a while. It took me a while to find pieces of mine that wouldn't look too crazy together. Finally, I settled on this look! I chose these horizontally striped shorts with black color blocking on the sides first. I like how the color blocking makes your hips look smaller, and I'm obsessed with any shorts that are high waisted. I chose this sweater next because I like how the stripes are different widths. The stripes at the top are closer together which matches the shorts, but towards the bottom, they're wider, which helps break up the look. I threw on these cute shoes from Forever21 because they're black on top and the soles are white, which mimics the stripes. Lastly, I put on a red belt just to streamline the look and add a pop of color. I love the final look because it reminds me of a romper! It's really comfortable and I don't feel like it's a stripe overload! What do you think of wearing stripes on stripes?

Song: Headlines - Drake

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  1. Very pretty in the stripes and sneakers!

  2. Cute!! Love the look, you can never have too many stripes haha! xo