Friday, October 4, 2013

I Need A Hero

This morning I grabbed these leggings, and they reminded me of the pants that a comic book super hero might wear. I then remembered that my little brother has many comic shirts, so I searched through his drawer to find one that would actually fit me. I chose this particular one because it's kind of faded and has the faces of tons of comic book characters. I didn't want to focus and channel a specific character. Next, I grabbed my flannel jacket, and threw it on top of the tee. I figured it would be perfect to hide whatever stains my little brother has managed to accumulate over the years and it would keep me warm in the grocery store. My shoes are wedge ankle boots that have to be tied. I wanted to exaggerate the ties on the leggings, and make my legs seem even longer. This outfit is definitely one of the more comfortable ones I've worn lately . The leggings may look like they'd be a little uncomfortable, but I can't even feel the ties on my legs when I wear them. 

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  1. hahhaa trust me I steal my brothers clothes all the time... thats what brothers are for aye hahaa, leggings are dope n all x