Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One In A Million

Once upon a time I bought a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses, and I thought they were the most beautiful sunglasses ever. A year later, I threw them in my bag without thinking, and later opened my bag to find them completely destroyed. I was devastated. I wore those sunglasses all the time and I thought they were so quirky and cute. I had bought them at Charlotte Russe, so I knew they were really flimsy and cheaply made, but I didn't expect their life to be cut short so soon. Finally, I own another pair of heart shaped sunglasses and these ones are a million times better. They're purple (my favorite color), and I can tell that they are more durable than my last pair. These will be cherished and taken care of really well. You can find your own pair at Giant Vintage. To build off of my sunglasses, I added a graphic crop top that I found at DDs for $5.99 and these black slacks that I bought for $6.99. The funny thing about these pants is that I bought them to wear to work, but they are way too long for me at the moment. I couldn't pass up this fashionable moment before I get them hemmed, so I decided to pair them with my tallest heels to make my legs look extremely long. 

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  1. Thank you! Lovely look! The crop top is so cool, I love it! <3


  2. I love this crop top! The print is so fun!

  3. girl how tall are you? you look like a super model !