Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You've Got To Be Kitten Me!

It's finally more socially acceptable for me to walk around wearing cat ears, since it's close to Halloween. I feel like my headband is the perfect accessory for this month and I've been wearing them around the house for a couple of weeks now! I recently went and bought some baking ingredients while wearing this headband, and my dad was so appalled by the fact that I wore them in public. I personally don't think it's weird to wear them this month. I bought them at Charlotte Russe for $6.99. I'm also wearing a crop top that I found at DDs Discounts for $5.99, and disco leggings that I bought there for $4.99. A long time ago, I purchased disco pants from American Apparel but I bought them a size too small, and was too lazy to exchange them. I was really excited when saw these leggings for such a cheap price! My cardigan was also purchased at DDs for $3.99.

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  1. I love the cat ears and disco pants. I now have to go out and buy cat ears, plus my name is Cat. I would totally wear the cat ears in public.

  2. Amazing cropped top!

    Style Nirvana

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love the ears, crop top and your leggings!
    Now following you on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.