Monday, November 25, 2013

Formal Holiday Must Haves

Hey guys, I was a little too tired to do a photo shoot after work today, but I still wanted to post something. I figured since it's the holiday season, I would try to do a wishlist/ mus-have list about formal dresses that I would love to wear and own! These dress are things that you can wear to holiday charity events, winter formals, recitals, or even to the ballet. I know I often go to see The Nutcracker, and it's one of the few times that I actually put on a formal dress.

I've recently discovered this website , where they offer a great array of dresses for formal and special events. I think I found them at the perfect time because they are currently offering a ton of Pre-Christmas Sales! I'm all about the sales because I like to try to dress my best of the least amount of money. If I had to choose just one formal dress among these options, I would definitely pick this blue chiffon dress with an empire waist. It's flattering for everyone, and I think the simplicity is amazing!

Apart from the pre-Christmas sales, OKdress is also offering some of the biggest sales ever on other formal dresses. The quality of the dresses is amazing, and they offer a wide variety of styles and colors. I think it's easy for everyone to find a dress that would look amazing on them.

Among the many dresses they offer, some that I really enjoy are:


If you have some kind of formal event that you have to attend, I would definitely suggest checking out !

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Florida did this weird thing where it decided to randomly cool off. I wouldn't define, 68 degrees, as cold, but it's definitely cooler than what we've been experiencing this fall. I'm not complaining because I finally have a reason to wear pants again. I freaked out when my friend showed me these high waisted jeans at work for only $15.99! I've always seen these kinds of jeans online going for $40++ and I'm too cheap to buy them. As soon as I brought them home, I took my scissors and tweezers to them and created the rips just to give them some edge! I decided to wear an oversized jersey shirt to make the look boyish and laid back. The number 86 really doesn't relate to me, but for $5.99, I can't complain. My disco platforms and a silver belt complete the look (I guess my ankle brace is a cute accessory). I did have on a thick vest that my dad gave to me a long time ago, but half way through the shoot, my little brother was complaining that he was cold, so I let him wear it for the remainder of it. I feel like I should have let him suffer because he likes to purposefully take pictures of me while I'm talking or being weird. Either way, I think this look is really cute, and I'm extremely proud of the results of my diy distressed denim 
project! :D

My jeans before!
Weak - SWV/Jojo (I like both versions~)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


I think a lot of people look at me as some kind of doll. I'm often asked to try on outfits, and different pieces of clothes just because people want to see how cute they'll look on me. At work, when something only comes in a small size, they always suggest that I buy it or at least try it on for them to see. My mom is obviously no different. I went shopping with her, and she told me I needed to buy this sweater because it would go perfectly with this skirt she bought for me the day before. I wasn't going to argue with her, because it is adorable! Like most people, I'm obsessed with cats, so I buy anything cat related in a heart beat. This outfit is styled by my mom, and I have no complaints. Thankfully for her, I think she did a good job!

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Monday, November 18, 2013


Yes, my skirt is wrinkly, and I don't care! I've never been someone to really care about wrinkles, and I'm not sure why, but my parents always make sure to point them out to me. I think they just show that I washed my clothes, and I'm clean :P I remember buying this skirt in high school from Pacsun, but never wearing it to school. I think I wasn't sure how I wanted to style it, and it was too short for my school's dress code. Finally, 4 years after purchasing this skirt, it's on! I felt like I would try to make it more exciting because it's just a plain purple high waisted skirt. I was immediately compelled to throw on this blouse that features tigers. I'm a cat person, so any clothing item that has a member of the cat family on it has to be a part of my wardrobe. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the crazy old cat lady when I get older. To spice the look up even more, I put on my zig zag tights. I own a lot of pattern tights, but these are definitely my favorite! They are bold, but don't distract from too many outfits. To complete my look, I threw on my new silver platform heels from Forever21, and my cross necklace. 

Adorn - Miguel

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