Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coffee Break

Lately, I've been sporting the no makeup look; mostly because I'm too lazy to put on makeup before I go to work. I was always afraid to not wear makeup because I've been wearing it to work since I've started, but now that I've stopped, it's so freeing! I am also enjoying that I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes.
 I'm wearing a hand me down sweater from my eldest brother. The arms are too short, but I can't help but love the sweater. It's so 90s and chunky, and I'm drawn to the vibrant color! I also love the patterns that were knit into the chest area of the sweater. I'm also wearing my black and off white rose skirt from Forever21. It's very simple, but the rose graphic is really bold. To complete the look, I put on my favorite platform sneakers. They're the perfect touch to any outfit that you don't want to look too put together.

Coffee Break - Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

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  1. cute look!

  2. Such a cool relaxed look! You look like your ready for some camping! Oh when you get a chance check out my blog, I'm doing a contest on cheetah and burgundy trend!

    xoxo Akinyi

  3. Great outfit!!! And amazing blog with great photos Alexa!
    You've definitely got a new bloglovin follower here!! :)

    Greetings from the cold Denmark :)