Sunday, November 24, 2013


Florida did this weird thing where it decided to randomly cool off. I wouldn't define, 68 degrees, as cold, but it's definitely cooler than what we've been experiencing this fall. I'm not complaining because I finally have a reason to wear pants again. I freaked out when my friend showed me these high waisted jeans at work for only $15.99! I've always seen these kinds of jeans online going for $40++ and I'm too cheap to buy them. As soon as I brought them home, I took my scissors and tweezers to them and created the rips just to give them some edge! I decided to wear an oversized jersey shirt to make the look boyish and laid back. The number 86 really doesn't relate to me, but for $5.99, I can't complain. My disco platforms and a silver belt complete the look (I guess my ankle brace is a cute accessory). I did have on a thick vest that my dad gave to me a long time ago, but half way through the shoot, my little brother was complaining that he was cold, so I let him wear it for the remainder of it. I feel like I should have let him suffer because he likes to purposefully take pictures of me while I'm talking or being weird. Either way, I think this look is really cute, and I'm extremely proud of the results of my diy distressed denim 
project! :D

My jeans before!
Weak - SWV/Jojo (I like both versions~)

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  1. Love them jeans! Theyre fab

  2. such cute jeans! love how you modified them. the jersey is adorable too, esp. with the vest.