Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Other Side Of Love

I might have gone on a mini hiatus, but I'm back! I also might have messed with some of the camera settings, resulting in the way these photos look. I kind of like that they are super saturated, and a little blurry. Mostly because I know I can't blame it on my little brother this time. Anyways, I'm wearing this fun little red skater skirt that has two layers of material and I finally decided to wear this red and white striped crop top that I bought a long time ago. I originally bought the shirt so that I could be Where's Waldo for Halloween, but that never happened. I tried to avoid wearing it with black bottoms because that made me think of a person who paddles a gondola. To complete the outfit, I put on my denim jacket, and my tan boots. My sunglasses are from Giant Vintage, and I think they gave my look an even more laid back vibe.

The Other Side Of Love - M-flo

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