Saturday, January 18, 2014

All The Way Home

I've been enjoying a hassle free and lazy Saturday today. I have no errands, all of my orders have shipped, and I even made molasses cookies stuffed with white chocolate Hershey kisses. Since I'm not doing much today, I didn't put on an extremely extravagant outfit. It's a little cool outside, so I wanted to wear my argyle sweater because it's cute, and it keeps me warm. This sweater was originally meant to belong to my little brother, but he never wore it, so I took it for myself. I really like how it's boyish and fits me perfectly. I wanted to spice up this sweater, so I decided to wear my button up shirt that features cheetahs all over underneath the sweater. I thought the mix of prints would be interesting and fun. Next, I threw on a pair of leggings, and a gold choker around my neck. I'm currently obsessed with my Nikes, so they were the obvious shoe for me to wear.

All The Way Home - Tamar Braxton

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