Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crossed Off

I finally have a vegan leather bodycon skirt! I have wanted one for a very long time, but my cheap behind never wanted to pay over $15 for one. Thanks to the sale at Forever21, I was able to buy this for only $6! This skirt is everything I wanted and more. It features an exposed zipper down the front, and even has pockets. I'm really pleased with the quality of the skirt as well. I decided to wear the skirt with a t-shirt that's tucked in so that I can really show it off. I bought this shirt at DDs Discounts for $0.99; it's acid washed and features some crosses. I thought my new creepers from Forever21 were the right shoes for this outfit because they're very rock and roll. When my mom first saw them she exclaimed, "Oh I know those! We used to call them marshmallows!" I definitely like these marshmallows more than the kind that you eat with Smores.

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  1. Such a hot skirt! I must find a faux leather one like this

  2. leather is always fine ! like i said I like ur style

  3. you look so cool in that outfit!
    I love it so much!
    and I love your blog, too!

    Kejmy ♥.