Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's a miracle! I decided to randomly try out my laptop today, and it's working! I guess I overreacted a little bit when I thought it was completely dead. I wish I would have taken a few more pictures today since I have access to my editing software. Anyways, I'm rocking a tank that has the word 'EPIC' across the chest. It's so straightforward and visual, so I wanted to pair a couple more items with it that are capable of being just as bold as the shirt. I added these moto white shorts with really cute zipper details. I'm always weary to wear anything white because I almost always stain everything. I also decided to throw on my red plaid button up that I bought at Forever21 in December. I always wanted a classes red plaid button up shirt, and this one was on sale at the time, so I had to grab it. To complete my outfit, I'm wearing my new Nikes that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I think I'm going to be wearing them as often as possible! My accessories are really simple; I'm wearing a pair of sunglasses from Giant Vintage, and a spike necklace I ordered from Forever21. I think today has definitely proved to epic, and this outfit does it perfect justice.

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