Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Psychedelico Milly

It's that time of the month again where I review all of the goodies that I've received from Psychedelico Milly. I'm never disappointed with the products that they send out to me. This time around, it was a large amount of beauty and face products. It took me a while to actually try everything out.

The first products that I was eager to try were the face masks. I received 4 different types, and I was excited to find out how different they were from each other.

First I tried out a sea kelp mask from Missha:

The mask promised to provide nourishment and vitality to my skin. I actually really like this package because it's much more vibrant than the usual face masks I use. When I opened the package and unfolded the mask, I was surprised to see that the mask was much wider than usual. It's actually much larger than my face. After I removed it, I discovered that my skin was well moisturized, and brighter. 

The next mask I tried was Tony Moly JYJ Aqua Aura:

I'm not going to lie, I was kind of excited to see some kpop stars on my mask (I'm a closet DBSk fan), so I was happy to see JYJ modeling on the package. This mask offers your skin "brilliant moisture". This mask definitely left my face feeling the most moisturized when I removed it. 

Next I tried the two Etude House face masks:

I got to try out two different kinds. The Zucchini and Hyaluronic Acid masks. The Zucchini masks offers nourishment and moisture, while the Hyaluronic masks provides moisture. I have to say that both masks left my face feeling smooth and soft while deeply moisturizing my skin. 

I think that all of the masks are great and they really just depend on your own personal preference. You can purchase your own here: http://psychedelicomilly.bigcartel.com/product/innisfree-natural-essential-masks

The next product I tried was the Hand Bouquet hand mask from Etude House:

The way this mask works is you rub on the mask solution, then put on the gloves provided. Next you massage your hands adding extra pressure to the acupoints shown on the package. You keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, and rub in the extra moisture once you remove it. This left my hands extremely soft. All of my brothers were extremely impressed with the results. I could tell that my hands were well moisturized and soft, but I had my brothers feel my hands, and they reassured me that the mask did a great job. 

I also received some nail deco stickers:

I'm used to using nail deco stickers because I'm a lazy manicurist, but these ones are a little different from the Sally Hansen one I usually use. The Sally Hansen ones are more pliable so that you can easily fit them to your nails, but these ones reminded me of a more plastic feeling. I think these are definitely more vibrant than the Sally Hansen ones that I usually buy. The stickers were a little more difficult for me to apply, but once I got the hand of them I was able to apply them better. They definitely looked better the second day after I filed off all of the excess sticker around my nail beds.

The last things I tried out were the samples:

As usual they were really useful and let me know if I would want to try these products out in the future. The Broccoli Cleansing Foam was an interesting cleanser. It smelled faintly of vegetables, but left my skin nice and soft. The Wine Peeling Jelly Softener from Innisfree was a nice product as well. It exfoliated my skin, and left my skin smooth. The Collagen Moistfull cream did a great job moisturizing my face as well. 

Among the samples I tried, the Apply Juicy Cleasing Oil smelled amazing, and consisted of a thicker solution than the usual soaps I use. The Anti Wrinkle Spot Essence from Innisfree left my skin feeling smooth, and the Snail Cream from A'Pieu provided an excellent amount of moisture to my skin.

Can't flip the picture >.<

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