Friday, February 21, 2014


I've decided to challenge myself to draw more often because my birthday is coming up, and I've planned an extravagant cake. I'm hoping that if I can improve my drawing, my cake decorating skills will also get a boost. Today, my first drawing is of Pocahontas! She is one of my favorite Disney princesses, and the movie is always something that I enjoy watching. I used a mechanical pencil and a sushi eraser on some drawing pad paper. There are some parts that I am not satisfied with, but I think I'll learn how to improve upon those areas the more that I practice. My absolute favorite part of this drawing is definitely her hair because I never thought I could shade hair before. I am realizing that I should definitely invest in the correct type of supplies so that I can create even better masterpieces as time goes on.

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  1. This is really great! I miss drawing so much, I never do it these days. You're really good :)


  2. This drawing is so incredible! Seriously. You're so talented.
    Love it!