Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you have somebody to celebrate it with or not, every girl loves to have cute nails. I wanted to do nails that are fun and not completely centered around the theme of Valentine's Day. They are hearts that have a bit of a punk feel to them because they are vibrant and are not perfect in the least bit. They feature drips, dips, and streaks!The best part is that they are really simple to execute and if you smudge them a little while applying the top coat, it doesn't matter!

Before I wiped the edges and cleaned them up
In order to complete these nails, you need:

  • base coat
  • sky blue nail polish
  • light pink nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • top coat
  • dotting tools or toothpick
How to:
  1. Paint all your nails with a base coat.
  2. After it dries, paint your nails with the sky blue nail polish (I did 2 coats).
  3. Next, take a dotting tool or toothpick, and dot out the shape of a heart
  4. Take the black nail polish, and trace the shape of the heart to create an outline using your smallest dotting tool or a toothpick (a toothpick will get you more precise lines)
  5. Add highlights with the white polish on the upper left hand of the hearts using your dotting tool/toothpick
  6. Apply a generous amount of top coat to smooth out the design and help your nails last longer. 
  7. Wipe away the edges to clean up any polish that may be on your skin. I usually wash my hands after the polish is dry, and my nails look perfect.

You now have cute heart nails to celebrate Valentine's Day!~

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