Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't Take It Personal

I always love the announcement that Spring has arrived! I love floral prints and wearing  colors that are rarely seen during Winter and Autumn. The new season of Spring opens up new possibilities for my wardrobe. All this being said, my outfit today does not really reflect my feelings towards Spring. As my shirt says, I'm rebelling. I haven't worn my paper boy pants from Midnight Marauders in a long time, and I felt myself gravitating towards them when I was looking through my closet. They really are comfortable, and I consider them to be my most prized thrifted item. I put on my 'Rebel' muscle tank that I purchased quite some time ago as well. I thought it would be cute to wear a boyish top with the pants. To make it more feminine, I put on my nude wedges. I liked the idea of extending my legs since the pants cut off at my calves. The outfit overall is a little plain, so I spruced it up with some electric  blue eye shadow under my eyes. I wanted to do something different and more exciting with my makeup, and I felt a pop of color was the most appropriate and practical thing for me.

A similar look below:

Don't Take It Personal

Topshop pants

Nars cosmetic

Don't Take It Personal - Monica

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