Thursday, April 24, 2014

Body Party

I think my new favorite style to dress is to wear all white. I love how it screams fresh, clean, and spring all at once. I feel like wearing a monochrome outfit is always nice and often comes across as sophisticated. Today I am wearing mostly white. I guess I need to invest in more white shoes because I only own one pair. I am wearing a 'Parental Advisory Explicit Content' sweater that has mesh cutouts. I like that the mesh goes along with the message across the chest. I found this sweater on Romwe, and knew I needed to have it in my possession. I've been searching for a shirt that has this message on it, and I liked this one because it reminds me of the Alexander Wang sweater. I decided to wear white shorts that have a lace detail along the hem to match the lace in my bralette. The heels were my final touch today because it keeps my outfit looking sophisticated without taking from the style of the outfit. I decided to let my sweater be the statement piece and didn't wear any jewelry other than my heart bracelet that I wear on a daily basis. I couldn't think of a better title for this post than Body Party because I have loved the song for quite some time and it goes along perfectly with the message of my shirt!

Body Party - Ciara

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