Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have You Ever

I remember being obsessed with Brandy when I was younger. You could not tell me that I didn't look like her or sing like her (I didn't and I don't)! I wanted to have the braids and I had every cd. My parents even bought me the record that features her sitting down in an all white outfit with a brown hat and brown boots. I can't even remember which record it is exactly, but that image is burned into my head. Have You Ever and Sitting Up In My Room were definitely my favorite songs by her. I recently heard Have You Ever again and it brought back my childhood obsession.
Today I'm wearing an outfit that reminds me of my childhood. I decided to put on these shorts that are big and oversized.They remind me of something that you would see a toddler wearing. I then put on a black bodysuit, so it looks like I'm wearing a romper. One pieces like rompers always make me feel like a child! I think it's the fact that they are something that are easy to put on, and they are freeing and hassle free. I put on a snapback and put on my sneakers to add a nod to the 90s. I thought my heart sunglasses would be a cute addition to my outfit.

Have You Ever - Brandy

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