Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I often dress myself keeping in mind that less is more, but today I went a little crazy when I saw sequins. I guess I'm being influenced by the costumes on Dancing With The Stars (Nene got eliminated :(, but Maks and Val are still dancing ;D) and all of the Coachella looks that I've seen on the internet the past couple of weeks. I have always loved a kimono cardigan, and I love this particular one that I found at work. The flowers are big, and the bold black outline along the sleeves and hem are visually pleasing. I'm not sure why I gravitated towards my sequin shorts today, but I knew I wanted to wear them. I do not own any black sequin tops, but I've had this bronze one in my closet for months, and I have never given it much thought. I thought the two would look glamorous together, which is why I paired them with my kimono. I also threw on a black bralette because the shirt is low cut.

While I was working yesterday, a little boy left his bubbles at the store, and never came back to get them. My manager was planning on throwing them away, but I selfishly asked if I could keep them for myself. I'm so happy that I could keep them because blowing bubbles is a calming activity for me, and I haven't done it in a long time. I remember my mom buying me and my brothers huge bottles of bubbles and letting us blow them in the house. I think I would be a lot more easy going if I took the time to blow bubbles more often. Watching them spiral and glisten before they hit the ground and pop always hypnotizes me. I'm also a pretty big fan of popping them right after I blow them. I feel a twinge bad for the kid that left them because he's missing out on all the fun and joy that bubbles bring :P.

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  1. I love the kimono. the print is gorgeous :)