Saturday, April 12, 2014


This morning I woke up and realized that I have to work on a Saturday (I never work Saturdays), and my section to maintain in the store is the busiest section =____=. I already know that I am going to be annoyed by the fact that people can see me fixing the store, and still purposefully throw what they don't want on the floor. Around the same time that this realization hit me, I heard Metronome by Jay Park for the first time, and it kind of made my morning a little better . I love when Jay Park releases a song, and it's him singing instead of rapping. The tone of his singing voice is lovely. I feel like Metronome is his answer to Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience.
Anyways, I'm wearing these peach shorts with flowers (what a surprise) and a crochet detail around the hem. I saw them while I was at work, and one of my coworkers was like "you have to buy them," not that I needed any convincing. I put on a black knit top that I bought almost exactly last year. This top is cool because the front is knit, but the back has these accordion pleats that start just below your shoulder blades. I thought sneakers would help keep this outfit casual. 

Metronome - Jay Park

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  1. I love your floral shorts! These will be so cute during the summer!