Friday, April 11, 2014

Stand Out

My favorite Disney movie is without a doubt The Goofy Movie. Whenever that movie comes on, I record it and save it in the dvr for months. The thought of Goofy being a dad and having a rebellious teenager is even funnier now that I'm older. I love the scene when PJ is singing Stand Out while cleaning out the RV that him and his dad are vacationing in. Even though I haven't seen the movie on Disney recently (they NEED to show it again), I thought about it because I noticed that we play Tevin Campbell (aka Powerline) songs at work. As I was getting dressed today, I noticed that I have an abundance of Mickey shirts in my wardrobe. This one is awesome because the silhouette is boxy and boyish, but the print is girly and cute with the flowers as the backdrop. I decided to wear a simple bodycon skirt to let the shirt stand out on it's own. My Nikes are the finishing touch that add a little tomboyish charm to my outfit.

Stand Out - The Goofy Movie

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