Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby I Miss You

I love lace and I love articles of clothing that have scalloped edges. This crop top is the perfect mix of the two, and I am head over heels for it! It's hard to believe that I found this shirt for only $4.99! I like that the lace is extremely delicate, and lends it's hand towards more of a boho vibe because of the scalloped detail on the hem. I didn't want to take the boho route, so I decided to wear some high waist black shorts with the shirt. The shorts are stretchy which makes them a comfortable fit for this simple outfit. They are easy to move in, and the folded edges at the hem of the shorts are a nice feature because I don't own many like that. Most of my bottoms just have straight hems or feature a rough edge. I thought my platform sneakers were perfect for this outfit because they are hassle free. I threw on my lightning bolt cuff and a cute chain bracelet from ShopB2.

Baby I Miss You - 2ne1

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  1. gorgeous look!

  2. Pretty good. I really like your blogpost! (: <3