Friday, May 16, 2014

Miss Independent

I've been listening to a lot of Ne-Yo lately, and I find myself wondering what happened to him??? I miss him singing! He was kind of my guilty pleasure because I did not like to admit that I liked his music to my mom. I'm going through a phase where I love wearing pants, so prepare yourselves for a bunch of outfits that feature pants. I love wearing pants because they are my comfort zone and make me feel a little more confident. These particular pants are super lightweight and perfect for the Florida heat. The floral print also helps to make them appropriate for Spring. I decided to wear a blue halter crop top because I saw some specks of blue in the floral print. I've had this shirt for a while and I'm glad it finally can make it out of my closet. I thought my heels would help my outfit look more sophisticated and threw on a gold chain necklace that I made myself.

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