Thursday, May 15, 2014


The past week I was taken down by a nasty sinus infection. I usually just keep going when I get sick, but this one got so bad that I was miserable. I'm finally starting to feel better and I couldn't wait to style some of the new clothes that I have purchased. Despite not feeling well, I was still able to find the energy to shop. I'm excited to have the opportunity to wear the clothes! Yesterday I wanted to take photos, but it decided to rain all day =____=
The first thing that I am extremely excited to show off are these new Jordans that I found in the kids department. On my list of fashion items I want, Jordans were at the top, and I can finally cross that off! I decided to wear a tank top that says '#single'. I love this shirt because of the tie details on the side. I like that you can customize the fit of the shirt with the ties and make the hole on the side as big or small as you want. I put on these comfortable high waisted shorts that have a bold geometric print all over. The finishing touch to this look is the body chain that is peeking out under my tank top. I bought this one from Forever21 ages ago, but I've only worn it once.

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  1. Yikes! A sinus infection. They could cause quite a nasty headache. Glad you feel better, and are able to put on this super cute outfit. Love the shorts - as well as those fab shoes.
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