Sunday, May 18, 2014

Super Bass

A few years ago when Super Bass came out, I was kind of a closet Nicki Minaj fan. I didn't want to admit that I liked the song or her (I thought I was a better female rapper :P), but whenever the song came on I couldn't help but sing along. I knew every word to the song and even to this day I can still sing it no problem. My friend and I were always going around requesting that people play the song. I recently started following Nicki Minaj on Instagram, and I was thinking back to the days when I was always secretly listening Super Bass.
I was super excited to wear this shirt that says 'You Can't Sit With Us'! Who doesn't love the movie Mean Girls? My dad read my shirt this morning and told me that it was rude, and I just laughed because he didn't get the movie reference. I tried to explain it to him, and when he heard the name of the movie he retorted "obviously!" I'm also wearing these snakeskin print pants that are grey, black, and white. I liked the idea of wearing a monochrome outfit, so I put on my white cutout booties from Amiclubwear. I love how they don't make my feet sweat, making them perfect for the hot weather. I threw on a beanie to hide my hair.

Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

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