Monday, July 7, 2014

From Time

Jumpsuits....ahhh I love me a good jumpsuit! I used to hate the idea of them, and I cannot believe I just cast them aside without trying before. Especially considering the fact that I'm a romper fiend. Floral prints are also another thing that I absolutely adore, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this floral print jumpsuit in the store. It's really simple and it is so comfortable it feels like I'm wearing pajamas. I thought my denim jacket would help the outfit feel more complete but would not take from the relaxed vibe that it gives off. I then put on my nude cutout booties, a clean cut option, so that the jumpsuit would remain the main point. I love my wide brimmed fedora, so I couldn't leave it out along with a simple heart necklace matches perfectly. My hair is in pigtails once again. I remember always wearing 2 braids (I wanted to look like Pocahontas) when I was younger and I didn't start to wear my hair differently until I entered high school. It's kind of interesting how I'm going back to my roots and enjoying a variation of the old hair style I was desperate to break out of in high school.

Also, I recently ordered a subscription box from Scratch which is a company that makes cool nail wraps! I love the idea of nail wraps because I am too busy to do my nails myself these days, but I still want cute designs that I can do at home. I decided to try out a box and I currently love them! I think this design I have on right now is soo cute and artsy. It reminds me of a watercolor camoflauge! Anyways, the boxes are designed by a different artist every month and are only $30. It includes 3 nail wraps, a tool or accent, and a special surprise gift. I'm not sure about the longevity of them quite yet, seeing as I just put them on (yes there is still top coat on some of my skin >.<), but they are definitely easier to apply than most nail wraps that I have tried! I also love that they offer nail wraps that are clear and let your real nails show through. I will definitely write up a post about what I think after I've tried my box out completely, but if you're interested, you can check them out here :

A similar look:
From Time

Denim jacket

Charlotte Russe high heel boots

Monki black hat
$41 -

From Time - Drake ft. Jhene Aiko

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