Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello Beautiful

My hair is officially black again. I went ahead and dyed it myself yesterday, and I'm so happy to have all black hair! I had been contemplating doing it for a few weeks, so I just went ahead and bought some dye and did it myself. The only thing that I regret doing is taking off the gloves before I rinsed the dye out and got it under my nails (they look so dirty >.<). Anyways, I've had this swing top in my closet for about a year now, and I have never thought about wearing it. I'm glad I waited until now to put it on because I feel like these shorts suit it perfectly. I love how the shorts are this beautiful teal color and have the zigzag pattern across them. The zipper detail is really cute and makes the shorts more interesting. I feel like the top has a similar zigzag pattern woven in it so it pairs perfectly with the shorts. I thought my platforms from Nasty Gal would look nice with this outfit because they're bold and fun!

A similar look:

Hello Beautiful

Black & white sandals

Hello Beautiful - Jonas Brothers

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  1. Love your post and the blog & liked so much ur style hope you'll find time to check out my blog