Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Joggers are the best thing that could have happened. I used to always wear sweatpants in college, and I love the idea that they are now considered fashionable and acceptable to wear out. These lovely joggers are from Front Row Shop and since they are white, they don't look or feel to hot for the summer. They have a slimmer fit in the legs making them fit sleeker as well. You can buy your own pair here: http://www.frontrowshop.com/product/slim-joggers-1 . These pants are slightly too big on me because I accidentally bought a medium instead of a small. I bought a couple of halter crop tops, and I thought they would look great with the joggers. I am obsessed with this particular one because of the color! I think it looks like a little popsicle making it perfect to wear in the summer. I also tend to think that oranges look beautiful against my skin. I simply added some white sandals to keep the summertime theme and I thought fishtail braids would look cute today.The result is cute, but my wrists are not happy with me.

A similar look:


Slim joggers - FrontRowShop

Paranoid - Kanye West

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