Monday, August 25, 2014

Through The Wire

My wrist has been going it through it the past week. I can't even move it up and down without getting shooting pains through my joint, so I've been wearing a wrist brace to keep it in place. If you could feel how my wrist felt, you would know how this felt, thank God I ain't too cool for the wrist brace. Through The Wire is a song that I've been listening to lately, and whenever I hear that line I think of my wrist. Anyways, I'm wearing some blue crochet shorts. There's a lining in them that doesn't go all the way to the hem, so you get this nice peek of skin between the crochet pattern. I thought it would be nice to wear a chambray shirt with the shorts because the strong contrast in colors between the two. It's monochromatic, but they both have very distinctive shades, so they don't clash with each other. I put on my combat boots, and accessorized with my wrist brace~
My dumb self saw a rock climbing wall when we went to the park, and decided to climb it despite the fact that my wrist is not in the best condition. I was able to heave myself up, but once I was at the top, I was scared out of my mind, so I made my little brother hold my feet while I climbed down.

A similar look:

Through The Wire

MiH Jeans blue top
$315 -

Highwaisted shorts

Black lace up boots

Through The Wire - Kanye West

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