Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Queen of the water park

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Am I as grand as this tree yet?

The struggle of getting out of this contraption

I'm not too big for the slide!

What? I can't hear you!
training for the Olympics with the other children in this statue

Giant swing!~

I had so much fun today! I went this park where people in town dock their boats and played in the playground and water park that's there. It was so refreshing to go in the water considering how hot it's been lately. I remember going there when I was younger, and I could have sworn that it was way bigger. I guess I've grown quite a bit. After walking around the park with my family, we decided to get some ice cream. I spent over $34 on that ice cream for only 4 people...but they don't have no award for that.
Today I'm wearing some bleached high waist shorts. I like this particular pair because they're longer in the back and really comfortable. I purchased them for a whopping $11! I paired the shorts with a sheer lace top that was only $4 and with a plain white bodysuit. Once again I'm wearing my mom's sandals.

A similar look:


Charlotte Russe sandals

Trophies - Drake

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