Monday, September 15, 2014

BB Don't Cry (It's Gon Be Ok)

Yaaayyyyy so after what seemed like forever in my opinion, my Sheinside order finally arrived at my doorstep! I ordered enough to be eligible for the free express shipping, so Iv'e been anxiously awaiting it's arrival for the past 2 weeks.
 One item from the order that I was looking forward to the most was this Simpsons shirt! I know it's late and everybody has one, but I still have been yearning for this button down. I also bought the shorts with the same print on them that currently do not have a working zipper (my hips don't lie), which is a story for a different time and place. Anyways, I went with the light wash denim shirt because I thought it would match better with the bottoms in my wardrobe. I'm wearing these distressed jeans that I recently purchased. I like this particular pair because they aren't overly distressed and my skin isn't showing through the rips. I rolled up the ankles to show off my boots that match well with everything! I wanted each piece I'm wearing to get it's own attention, and I think they mesh well together.
 Also, I tried a wash n go today which I don't think I'll be doing again any time soon. I don't appreciate the shrinkage, it literally took the whole day to dry, and it didn't settle quite like I wanted it to. Thankfully, you live and learn, so if I do ever decide to venture and do it again, I know what to change.

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  1. I think your wash n' go came out nice! I still do not have a simpsons shirt! LOL
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles