Sunday, October 12, 2014


I was in Orlando again for the weekend. This time I wanted to wear something really comfortable and simple. This plaid dress is from Forever 21 and it cost $22.80. The plaid is a really bold pattern to wear in maxi dress form, but I'm never afraid of a print. I just unbuttoned the bottom buttons to break the dress up a little and show off some skin. I'm also wearing a black cardigan to fight against the cool night air. We were walking around Ripley's Museum in the evening and the contrast in temperature from daytime to sunset made it necessary for me to wear something with sleeves. I am almost always cold so I make sure to have outerwear in my possession at all times. The perfect walking shoes are these platform sneakers that I purchased at DDs Discounts for $9.99. My bag is also from DDs and ran me the same amount. I just love the small size which makes it perfect to carry for long periods of time without running into the problem of shoulder pain from the weight.

A similar look:


Leather dress

Monki knit cardigan
$57 -

Abercrombie Fitch top

No Name wide shoes

Jealous  - Nick Jonas

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